Joining the OASIS Consortium’s Board of Directors

That’s something of an announcement for me. I have to say that I believed all the way during these elections that the odds were very much against me, but I was obviously wrong: I have been elected at the Board of the Directors of the OASIS Consortium. I feel both honoured and humbled by the trust and approval talented professionals and experts have put in me. I will try to show myself worthy of their esteem. To all of you, I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

Together, you and my new colleagues of the Board of Directors and the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) will help not just the OASIS Consortium’s expansion; we will also promote and forward what has appeared over the recent years as the OASIS “model” of standards development: an open, inclusive, professional and no-nonsense approach to standards development, allowing everyone to have a say in a transparent fashion and giving birth to standards that are easy to use, integrate and redistribute with no constraint on any implementor nor distributor. In a word, the OASIS Consortium helps the establishment and expansion of unbiased and sustainable competition in harmony with governmental leadership and authority.

High quality, innovative, ready to use, open and free (in every sense of the word) standards: That’s what we strive for, that’s what we do. And I look forward doing this with you at the Board of Directors. Again, thank you for your support, I look forward working with all the stakeholders of the standards development world. This is going to be exciting.

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