Back from the OOoCON, on to the next one!

And we’re back from the OooCON 2010! I have to say it’s always hard, if not delicate to judge each OooCON, not just because it’s a subjective evaluation, but also because it’s quite complex to compare one OooCON to the others. So let me just say that we had a great conference, that we got invited at the Hungarian Parliament, and that we even got fireworks and a huge cake to start the celebration of the 10 years of our project. (See video below).

But more importantly, I would like to thank the organizers of this conference; Szakal Peter, to start with, and the entire Magyar community of who made this beautiful and excellent event possible. I think it was important to have it in Budapest this year. Why? Budapest is a city that lies at the heart of the « Mittel Europa » and the capital of Hungary, a country with ancient, and oftentimes terribly troubled History. At the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, they have known the debacle of the Empire, the fascism, the communism and its horrible crushing of the students’ revolt in 1956, and the end of the Soviet rule in the nineties. It was important, then, to have the OOo Con taking place in Budapest, to show what Free Software and stand for: Freedom, openness, humanism, and dare I mention it? Open Standards. Thank you again, Hungary!

Our next conference will be… in Paris, in 2011. Look forward to see you there!

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