About friggin’time…

President Obama sure must have had a good week-end. After having given Donald Trump a run for his money he announced this morning that U.S. special forces had shot down Ossama Ben Laden not far from the capital of Pakistan (Pakistan, the best allies of America in the war on terror, huh?). Obviously, this is not going to change the reality of terrorism. But it is a symbol that is going away, and I’m glad it’s happening now. I am glad it’s happening under the administration of a President who is described in the most frivolous terms by an important minority of US citizens as someone dangerous, as an “alien” and as a “muslim”. I’m glad it’s happening now, in the middle of the Arabic “Spring”, where several, if not most of Arabic people are now fighting for their freedom and democracy in their countries. I am glad because although these terrorist networks do not operate as a top-down hierarchy, the hallowification and legend making of Ben Laden among some circles is going to come to a relative stop (of course now, he’ll be a martyr). Last but not least, I’m glad because as stupid an argument as it may be, all this is going to entice the Western world to start a better, more productive conversation with the Arabic and Muslim civilization. That opportunity is now more open than it ever was. Inch’Allah!

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