Eyes & Ears – June edition

Welcome to this month’s edition of Eyes and Ears. Today we have a rather eclectic choice as we’ll listen to ambient music, deep house, as well as rock and folk tracks. And without much further ado, let’s start with one of my favourite artists, Melorman, who’s often featured in the Eyes and Ears sessions, today with his track “closer”:

And now for something quite aerial yet slightly more rythmic, out of the excellent Silk music label from Russia. This one is a remix of the track called Angel 8, initially produced by Schodt by Jallen, a name I see from time to time and I must say I like it:

What comes next is an hour long mix by Shingo Nakamura, one of the great names of the Japanese electronic scene. I do really enjoy many of the Japanese DJs and composers since I first listened to Tetsu Inoue in the late nineties. A flurry of other talented artists from this country have since raised electronic music to a whole new level while keeping a rather specific style and identity. Enjoy this mix, you won’t be disappointed:

At the beginning of the post I quickly mentioned we would have some rock and folk. But we would need at least some sort of transition. I give you Adam Young (aka Owl City) in a rather original cover of the Johny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues”:

And we’re moving further into rock and folk with Robert Francis, “Perfectly Yours”:

The last track of this month’s Eyes and Ears session is actually a country song. I do enjoy country music from time to time but a few months ago someone told me that I would not dare share country music on my blog. Well, now that’s done with the very nice “Barefoot blue jeans night” by Jake Owen:

Enjoy and stay tuned for next month’s session!


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