Waiting for OOXML

At the time this post is being written, there is still no news of the final version of Ecma 376/DIS-ISO 29500, aka OOXML. I guess we’ll have to wait until midnight, today, Geneva time to have it. Yet some also claim that the deadline was midnight yesterday on the First of April. The situation being what it is, I have decided to write a small song, and not to sing it because I sing very poorly. It will be up to Pieter (and its incredible guitar) to record it. The words below are to be singed on the music of the Doors, « Waiting for the Sun ».

At last comes the moment when truth shall come out

Standing on the brink of outrage

Waiting for OOXML (3x)

Can’t you still read it now that the Spring has come.

And its time to push it to unwanting users.

Waiting for OOXML (3x)

Waiting…. waiting…. waiting…. waiting…. (2x)

Waiting for it to – be published

Waiting for it to -really work

Waiting for it to – locking you all

Waiting for you to – tell me what went wrong

This is the worst standard I’ve ever known.

Yeah! (riff 8x)

Enjoy your week-end!

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