Alex Brown and the lost scroll of OOXML

That’s official and it comes from Alex Brown, the convener of the OOXML ballot at the ISO/IEC’s JTC-1:

Tracks of OOXML have been found somewhere around the ITTF. The story we now have is that the ITTF received a draft of OOXML on the 29th of March but refused to publish it. Several national standards bodies protested. But remember, Die Partei hat immer Recht.  So it is likely that what will come out of that process is a standard that has not been reviewed by anyone except the ITTF, whose involvement in the development of OOXML is at best intermittent. Worse, Alex Brown points out the lack of review and QA as being a real problem, and mind you, that’s Alex Brown speaking.

So where are we now? I would first like to thank Mr Brown for his clarifications, but I am not sure we’re anywhere more advanced than yesterday. We still have no bloody OOXML, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. The latest findings only confirm how the standardization process has become a farce.

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