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This week showed a quite surprising turn of events at the French Assemblée Nationale. The French Parliament actually rejected the infamous HADOPI law (the three-strikes law). More details here. Yet, while things could have remained the way they were, the government has decided to get this law passed again regardless of the actual expression of people’s will.

Certainly our government knows what is right for us. And we should be happy and for ever grateful of whatever (divine) decisions it makes. Actually, I am so happy about my government trying to decide for me what my culture should be, that I have copied and pasted a small east-german song below. But before starting to play this unforgettable remnant of Communist culture, I thought I would tell my readers a little bit about record labels in France and their history.

By choosing this song, I will probably not have any problem with the almighty SACEM who pretends to dictate to anyone how they should listen and play music. Well I’m sure they can find something reprehensible in actually sharing lyrics and videos that are not even copyrighted by them but ever since World War Two, the SACEM pretends a lot of things. For instance, it pretends to lawfully own a lot of real estate in Paris. Oddly enough, this real estate used to belong to  Jewish families before 1940. But that must be an unfortunate coincidence. I would however like the SACEM to be as demanding towards itself as it is towards 14 million of French citizens who download music “illegally” over the Internet.

Happy Easter and enjoy the music!

Lyrics can be found here.

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