Links for the beginning of November

  • The light is shed on OOXML; I’ve lost count of how many officious, ISO sub-versions (and subversions) , alongside the proprietary formats also called OOXML but used in MS Office are now floating in the air. In any case, this short document from the ODF Alliance explains this obscure matter in a remarkably simple way.
  • The Document Foundation publishes the first hints of its bylaws for the Community. Not exactly a draft, as it obviously lacks some real meat, like process and governance description, yet an interesting read nonetheless.
  • Apple exits the server market. I have a good friend who worked at Apple until two years ago or so, and he always told me that Apple’s XServe product line surprisingly sold like hot cakes, although most of the customers were not interested the OS X server, but in the machine itself and ran various Linux flavors on it.
  • European Union invests 22 million Euros in the Symbian operating system, just days after the Symbian Foundation announces it’s about to close. Wait, what? I thought Symbian was a platform losing customers and momentum… A strange surge of European “patriotism” that I’m not used to, as someone who had to attend European Commission conference calls starting at 6 pm in order to accomodate US lobbyists.
  • If I wasn’t pointing that out, I guess something would be missing: Rehost & Carry on T-shirts available on Café Press.
  • This blog will soon undergo a server upgrade (next week or so) so apologies in advance for any downtime.
  • Last but not least -I still want to get the facts and numbers straight- it seems we won 50 new developers contributing to the core of LibreOffice. Thank you! You can donate to the Document Foundation here, meanwhile.

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