Links for a 29th of February

Today is a day that’s obviously quite unique in our calendar; the next 29th of February will be in 4 years from now; but a Wednesday, 29th of February will only happpen in 40 years from now. Therefore this blog should be celebrating with “something completely different” to quote Sir John Cleese from the Monty Python. By something completely different I mean that today I’ll publish a series of links mostly about music and webradios for your own enjoyment and information.

  • Have you ever listened to Soma FM? I know it’s a popular group of webradios that started out with a strong emphasis on electronic  music but broadened their audience the past two years. Still it’s not broadly known outside people who usually listen to web radios. They need your financial support too.
  • The Groovera web radio. I had some conflicting opinions about this radio. On the one hand I think it provides even better music and tunes than Soma FM, but on the other hand they came up with all sorts of “protective” measures and ended up, for some time at least, to be only accessible via iTunes. It seems to be different now in all fairness as I can stream their music from VLC but it was not always so. For the amateurs of nice and beautiful electronic music though, this radio is a must-listen at.
  • This one is not a radio, but a set of mixes available by podcasts. I like them and they’ve been providing very nice tunes for quite some time. Be aware that this is not the same team developing the Khavi CMS system..
  • Something from the Paris underground , a collection of links leading to podcasts or webradios, mostly electronic but brace yourself: it’s not all macarons and chic in Paris.
  • I love Gregorian chants but unfortunately web radios or podcasts with this sort of content tend to be hard to find on the Net. This one is a pretty interesting resource but it’s somewhat linked to extreme-right groups, although it could be a bit overblown. Music is music anyway.
  • Music is music, but sometimes you also want to have open and free content to stream and download. Jamendo is very famous but what’s even better is that their content has really improved in quality over time. If you would like an overview just try out their selections that are presented under the “Radio” section.
  • Another music streaming service that only provides creative commons with mp3 and ogg downloads is DogMazic : you’ll find more underground things there…
  • This one is for the Cognoscenti: Ayeko 
  • Last but not least, I will not end with another webradio but with a psychedelic, vaguely hip magazine I like: The Cake Magazine (no connection with cookies though). You should give it a try but don’ t hope to find any logic in its editorial line…

Enjoy your 29th of February!

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