Links for mid-June

I am busy these days. Not just busy with the Document Foundation and Mandriva, but busy as the Big Day is approaching. A few hints of what’s coming up next week are given below. But first, on to more “casual” news:

  • I was honoured to be interviewed together with Michael Meeks on FLOSS Weekly, and you can listen to the podcast here. Guess about what we talked? LibreOffice and the Document Foundation, for sure.
  • Talking about LibreOffice, we have a lot of exciting things going on under the hood. Some of them you can hear about if you listened to FLOSS Weekly, but a few others we have kept for you here. Let’s start with the first beta of LibreOffice 3.6 that you can grab here . PPAs are available on Launchpad.
  • Sometimes people tell us LibreOffice does not dig SVG. Well, that’s actually wrong. Also, there’s a flurry of filters for proprietary filters coming up in the next version, such as MS Publisher and Corel Draw.
  • The future foundation for the Mandriva Linux distribution is taking shape, slowly but surely. Next week is going to see the first official meeting just about that. But it’s not what I was referring to when I was mentioning the “Big Day”, so here’s a few hints shamelessly plugged from Prête-Moi Paris… Stay tuned.
  • The perfect Bachelorette Party (obviously I wasn’t there)
  • A few details about wedding decorum
  • Last but not least, one peculiar contest

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