Yes, you can have LibreOffice and your Pi too

This might not be news to some of the readers of this blog, but I have to re-announce it somehow: LibreOffice runs on Raspberry Pi. I’m doing this because it’s been the fifth time in less than two months that I meet people who asked me about LibreOffice or about my experience with the Raspberry Pi and they all refuse  to believe me when I tell them that LibreOffice does indeed run on this small ARM computer. Despite my insistance they remain sceptical or walk away thinking I’m over optimistic .

I thought I’d put up some links on how to install and run LibreOffice on Raspberry Pi below. In addition it might be useful to remember that we made a joint announcement with the  Raspberry Pi Foundation, and we’re not stopping there… LibreOffice-branded casings for the Raspberry are coming!

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