LibreOffice Conference Scheduled published!

Today we are happy to announce that the final schedule of the LibreOffice Conference 2013!

Very quickly, the first day -the 24th- will be dedicated to board and community meetings such as the Localization meetup and the Engineering Steering Committee session. Then for the ongoing three days 2 tracks, community and development will take place continuously in two rooms, while a third one will be dedicated the first day to the ODF track, sessions on migrations on the second, and the final day the room will be dedicated to devops.

Let’s not forget both the touristic activities, the keynotes and the hackathon sessions that will take place on the 25th and the 26th. While there are many interesting talks I would just like to point out one with a special focus for me and for this blog: the marketing strategy workshop that is scheduled on Wednesday the 25th at 2 pm, in the Sala Alfa (Community Track). I’ll report on the proceedings of the workshop just like last year. I won’t go over all the talks I find interesting, nor over my other talks. The interesting features this year are aside an ODF track a Migrations track that will also be used for the establishment of the Migrations Protocol for LibreOffice consultants and practitioners eventually leading them on the path of the LibreOffice Certification.

One last thing: there’s a Google + event just to keep up to date during the conference of news and special announcements if you can’t reach our conference mailing list. See you in Milano!

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