Eyes & Ears – July Edition

Welcome to the July installment of Eyes & Ears. This month we have quite a long mix by Chicane. I love most of the tracks released by what was at first a collective and is now one DJ. It seems there were a few years of inactivity in between their three main releases (Far from the maddening crowds, their best one I think, Behind the Sun and the Somersault); now Chicane is back, most notably with its Sun:Sets sessions.

Here’s the volume 1, but you can directly access to the other 7 volumes on SoundCloud:

Another great release of this month is the latest album of the Russian wonder DJ Moko, Future Hope. I’ve got the full album below:

An Eyes & Ears session would not be complete without at least one book suggestion. This month I’m reading the White Dominican by Gustav Meyrink. It’s an intensely spiritual story about an orphan boy with a deep sense of spirituality and mystery in Germany who meets a Dominican monk, and how he will come to travel along a few paths less travelled.

Enjoy the beginning of the Summer Season!

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