Eyes & Ears – September Session

Welcome to the Eyes ans Ears’s September 2015 session! This month we’ll dive deep into ambient and electro tracks. Let’s start with what some would call a classic by an artist who’s already been on the Eyes and Ears sessions, Melorman. His track “Away” is actually several years old but I thought it would be a nice intro :

We’re staying with Melorman for an actual mix of his, made for a special occasion. This mix is hauting, beautiful, at times matching pretty much the ambient standards and at others verging on techno or even coldwave.

Another mix this time by Halftribe, an artist who’s also quite known on the sessions, and I understand that free downloads of this mix are now enabled!

This is a novelty for me; it’s written and produced by Roentgenium, and called “In the Howse Play it Kool”. I’m not sure why this name was given to the track, nor what the artist tried to do -it’s very well done anyway- given its past releases; in any case, something to try:

We started these session with what I called a classic. Now the last track of this month’s Eyes and Ears is not a classic, but its author definitely is, for balearic music at least. Enjoy Nacho Sotomayor’s Wonderful Moments track:

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