Other Stuff

-Not so random stuff here-

Here are a few campaigns and petitions I’m interested in and are worth a look:

I do like music a lot -I’m what one could call an eclectic- so I tend to listen to a lot of things. I have a deeper taste for electronic music and ancient music. There are countless links for these on the web; below are just one of the sites I visit the most:

  • Soma FM
  • Ayeko
  • Medieval Music
  • Groovera (a shame they came up with their pseudo-DRM protection that still lets you stream but  essentially prohibits anyone without iTunes to listen to their  streams).

Food: I like food. And I like gastronomy. I’ve been thinking for a longtime about opening a food blog, but I don’t think it will ever happen.

Liquor & Wines: Interested in whiskies and good wines – good tips always welcome.

Wet Shaving: At this stage you’re probably wondering: what the heck? So -wet shaving: like many men shaving was a mostly boring experience and one that was sometimes painful, leaving all sorts of rashes. I got into the traditional shaving (one blade, shaving cream or soap, brush, etc.) fashion about a year ago and never looked back.  But traditional, wet shaving is an art and an experience first and foremost. A good place to start might be this G+ Community. There are countless other places and videos on the Net about this topic. The best thing however, is again to get a traditional, old fashioned shave. You’ll learn a lot and have a great time.

What is this picture you’re showing on your blog header? This picture is a detail from the Tour Saint Jacques in Paris and it’s been taken by the Love of my life. It shows a detail of the tower’s inner basement where the gothic arks end in a stone circle that’s void (there’s a wood plank filling the hole these days) instead of the traditional keystone. It’s both a great shot and a great detail, as I am always quite interested in architecture and symbolism.