Some interesting figures, facts, and links

Today,  we’re approaching Sunday and to some on this earth, this day is referred to as the Day of the Lord. (And it does not mean the Couch Potatoes’ Day, please). This is why I shall refrain to talk about OOXML . To some others, Friday and Staurday are also the Lord’s Day, so I’m also inclined to be nice towards others and stop any worries  letting me go down. Some links of interest for this week-end can be found below:

– The ODF Alliance has published its annual report for 2007, and the least I can say is that’s it’s  impressive. Governments and countries are choosing true open standards such as ODF and are migrating towards them. It’s also interesting because projects such as ( being one out of the many ODF implementations, just check the report) may not gather that information or may collect it in a different way. But here you have a global and synthetic overview of the adoption of ODF.

– Talking about, this wiki page is also full of figures and migration reports, you may want to check that one as well as it’s being constantly updated.

– The state of Iowa choose…. Huckabama! More here in the NY Times .

– New Hampshire may actually choose Obama, at least that’s what some polls show.

Have a great week-end/Shabbath/Sunday/Friday, Couch Potato Day, etc.

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