Winter Links

-This is winter, the winter that most of my french audience has come to dislike: In Paris, snow is rare, because of pollution and a specific geographical situation. In a way, it’s a bit like Portland, OR. where the climate is oceanic enough to block snowing. Add to this the fact that Paris is geographically a large meadow surrounded by plateaus and high hills, and you will get a “dirty winter”. And how does a dirty winter feel like? Lots of rain, low sky (raising the number of depressive people), cold and windy. This is why I thought I would recommend two great web radios that will hopefully add a bit of sunshine wherever you are: Lounge Radio and Groovera. They provide refined mixes of great electronic/chill-out/balearic music.  Both provide playlist files (*.pls file ) so they could play with any system out there. Enjoy!

-In other news, the road to 3.0 is there for you: Read here and test the development builds!

-So I’ve co-written this article with Russell Ossendryver and Lars Nooden, and I think it’s a pretty good summary of what the real questions about OOXML are at this stage.

-Talking about OOXML, here is the official FAQ on the BRM (Ballot Resolution Meeting) for Geneva: Not just a read, a lesson to be learnt by heart, as there may be some confusion on the BRM terms among the national delegations…

-The Native Language Confederation (NLC) is coming up with a new concept: the Regional Groups and leads (or mentors).

Have a great week-end!

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