Miscellanea before leaving on vacation

  • I have not been blogging for a week now but as it turns out, I have been microblogging. I do have a Twitter account but I am now using my Identi.ca account much more regularly. Of course microblogging does not replace blogging. I guess it opens a new channel for different content that has a real amount of immediacy and spontaneity. Understand that it may include noise, buzz, and senseless chatter.
  • I have recently been working with a group of volunteers on an informal, behind the scenes project inside OpenOffice.org. It aims to define and deliver a concept document that could be used as something of a “roadmap framework” for future versions of OpenOffice.org. Check out here for more details. It started out with Kay Ramme designing his “ODF@www” mechanism and it will use this idea extensively.
  • Stay tuned as the votes for the splashscreen contest for OpenOffice.org are about to start! You will get to choose among several splashscreen proposals submitted by various members of the community.
  • The Ars Aperta web site will be undergoing a revamping on the inside. Some new pages will be added, content has already been a bit improved but most importantly, we’ll be rolling out the Ikaaro Content Management System and its wiki behind the scenes. If you wonder what kind of platform we were using before, well, we were using our very own custom and minimalistic platform (that amounted to little more than changing the web pages through the command line). We now feel we should put more content online and take full advantage of the fact that the Ars Aperta web site has been running on Caudium, a very fast, very reliable, written in C and Pike. In other words, that’s not your everyday Apache…

Meanwhile, I will be in vacation for a bit less than two weeks and I am ready to enjoy them. Thank you for reading this weblog and enjoy the rest of the month!

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