What about cholesterol?

Good question indeed. No, I am not referring to my yearly bloodtests; I am referring to this new advertising:

Okay, that is pretty lame for a commercial involving Jerry Seinfeldt and Bill Gates. In fact, the message it sends is pretty bad for Microsoft in some sense. It implictly acknowledges that Microsoft’s products have not been very attractive nor very innovative over the years.

But what got me wondering if Microsoft and the advertising agency behind the ad had actually understood the whole point was Jerry’s words: “computers […] moist and chewy like cakes”. Do you actually want computers that are moist and chewy like cakes? I don’t (I own a Mac, thank you, and the servers behind are all Linux and BSD) and don’t think anyone would. Even by thinking about the actual analogy, computers “moist and chewy like cakes” would mean pretty bad things:
– fat, and poor performance
– poor defenses against viruses and other external threats
– quick saturation
– shortened lifespan due mostly to cholesterol.

So Jerry, I don’t think you got what computers are all about. But do not worry; nobody’s perfect and it is not all that bad if a famous actor such as you is not a top-notch expert in this field. Better worry about the guy who got the second role…

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