See how you can use lpOD with simple examples and tools!

Recently we have redesigned the lpOD project’s website. This redesign is actually not that trivial, as it integrates entire chunks of the lpOD technology through the last release of Ikaaro. There are also some important aesthetic changes, but that’s somewhat besides the point of this post. I wanted to highlight the fact that we have embarked in an effort to better educate developers on how to use the lpod technologies and develop on them. Because of this we have created some easy use cases for anyone who might be interested in using lpod. We will continue to expand these examples through various initiatives and we hope to be able to share these with them right on the ODF Toolkit website, as the lpod consortium and its leading contributors are now part of the ODF Toolkit Union.

Meanwhile, you can dive right inside the official lpod documentation, which is at this stage covering only the lpod-python part of our platform.  Speaking about languages, I can already point our interested readers to an early, development stage version of lpod-perl, currently hosted on the CPAN repository (as this development version is thoroughly unofficial).

Last but not least, here’s where you can get our code, and if you are interested feel free to take a look at our custom ODF News Reader. It agregates the feed from many interesting sources (blogs, websites, etc.), you can export them as an OPML file, and it’s a good place to stay tuned to what’s going on inside the ODF ecosystem.


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