We now use a CMS and so can you…

After some time of long and intensive work, we completed our migration to our new infrastructure. We migrated our corporate website to a new server and we moved from a FreeBSD-powered server running Caudium to a Gentoo platform with Apache running on top of it. You won’t notice much, except for the language selector. However we changed everything under the hood. Our website was minimalistic and Caudium made it fast.

We now use the Ikaaro CMS for our website and will soon use its facilities such as calendar and corporate wiki for everyday operations. Ikaaro is developed by our good friends at Itaapy, a french FOSS company that is located exactly on the other side of the hill of Montmartre, where Ars Aperta is also located. Ikaaro is very easy to use and I encourage everyone to take a look at the tools developed by Itaapy: they’re GPL v3 and some are actually ODF-centric. Last but not least, our community web site wich hosts many things (although it’s not being advertised enough) and used to host one of the Pootle servers for OpenOffice.org will stay the same and does not migrate.

I would like to thank everyone at Itaapy and Ars Aperta for this work; stay tuned for announcements related to both Ars Aperta and Itaapy in the future.

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