Forgetful Mahmud…

We already knew Mahmud Ahmadinejad did not know how to count. He is part of this revisionist movement who believes that in order to have a truly non-aligned and anti-western political stance, you need to deny the reality of the WW2 Holocaust to better outline the grievances of your own people. This is what led him to dismiss the Holocaust as a “great deception“.

Now Ahmadinejad has apparently some problems with other numbers: the ones of the election results. According to him there is apparently no fundamental contradiction with towns having had over 150 % participation to the presidential elections.  So the people, and I’m saying the whole Iranian people, is on the streets, and wants justice. Mahmud, here again, seems to have some mathematical trouble with the number of protesters on the streets of Iran. But I trust he won’t have problems with counting the number of cops and paid partisans he’s sending to hit and kill his own people.  In any case, you should help, even in small ways. Check out this site: Where is my vote Dot Org.

Meanwhile, I would like to propose a riddle to Mahmud : I hope he will understand it, because regardless of what his henchmen will do to to crush the protests, this will be only a matter of time before Democracy will come back in Iran.  So tell me Mahmud, do you know how to count how many fishes there are in this picture below? Or is it yet another deception? (Image found on Facebook, credits not quoted here for intentional privacy concern).


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