Easter Links

  • Alex Brown criticizes OOXML, claims it will not be implemented in MS Office 2010 echoes what many had predicted or knew for years. Perhaps someone’s monthly fee was not sent in time, go figure.
  • Microsoft’s troubles in court over OOXML and the i4i patent continue, and it’s serious.
  • I used to write that once or twice a year, I found Microsoft actually did some things right. Today, I would like to give a very special mention to its Courier project. There are some good chances that the combination of hardware and software will turn this device into something that is just as closed and proprietary as Apple’s IPad, but I find this one to be actually useful, beautiful, and seemingly quite usable. Kudos for the design, I hope you will not forget to use Open Standards.
  • the Songbird media player leaves the Linux platform… sort of. I understand there seems to be some resources problem, but then these guys either have a business model that’s not working out or something else is going on. What does “a version for engineer will be maintained”  mean ? Is that the perpetual beta or a broken, unusable version. And why can’t they fix that? Can someone else do it? Odd…
  • My attempts to package the lpOD project for Suse and Fedora have started, but they’re still hesitant.
  • I just got interviewed in French by Radio Libertaire on OpenOffice.org and its future, the podcast will be available soon.
  • BoycottNovell becomes TechRights and expands its scope. Good luck for this new project, Roy!
  • Ars Aperta upgrades its website and welcomes André Rebentisch among its team. André’s short bio is here.
  • A message to everyone who lives in SecondLife as well: Penzance’s Connolly Airfield in the Independent State of Caledon needs new maintainers and financial support. Feel free to participate!
  • Zaheda Bhorat is back on the web and I must say it’s good to know she’s healthy and active again.

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