Links for the end of July

  • Can one sponsor sustain a FOSS project on the long term? A crucial question that comes with my crucial answer, this time on FOSSBazaar.
  • After several articles in the press reporting on the Board of the OpenSolaris sabotaging itself, I wanted to clarify that the has fortunately a quite different situation with a clear ideas on who our community manager is, who sits at the Community Council, who does this and who does that. Of course not everything is perfect, far from it. But we do talk to Oracle, although we would hope to be kept in the loop as to where Oracle would like to go in the future with…
  • “Rotten to the Open Core”: a great post by Dave Neary setting the record straight on this insipid debate. And for what it’s worth, let’s remember Free Software means something and is not just nice and fancy brand to be used by everyone.
  • Steven Vaughan-Nichols is an incorrigible cynic. I’m glad is supposed to survive the slow death he predicted to others.
  • lpOD O.9.2 has been released. Grab it here!
  • Ars Aperta will be giving conferences and talks at the OpenWorld Forum at the end of September-beginning of October. Please come and visit us!

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