Yes We Can

Yesterday the Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 3.3 . I guess you may already have seen the news if you read this blog. I wanted to express my joy and my pride of our community who made this release possible. Not only did we make our first release, but we also showed everyone we could improve the software in a significant way. This is just a beginning as you can imagine. In addition, we have now published our short term roadmap (stay tuned for our other releases of February, March and May) and announced our will to work along time-based releases.

All this would not have been impossible without the incredible community of LibreOffice and I would like to thank every contributor for such a great work. It is impressive to see both the spectacular growth of our project when healthy principles and fundamentals have been used since the beginning and the unavoidable, yet relative chaos and conflicts of a community in formation. In a sense it’s a bit like the beginning of an universe: it starts with a big bang. Only here, we are merging evolution with intelligent design.

I am also impressed by the international press coverage we’re getting. It takes about 24 hours to perceive the full span of the articles, and I don’t recall ever had a similar coverage, and the tweets with the hashtag #LibreOffice are flowing by the hundreds every hour now. So again, Iwould like to express my heartfelt congratulations to everyone who made this possible: you can be proud of you!

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