How to become a contributor to LibreOffice: a digest with pointers

 Sophie Gautier, one of the founders of the Document Foundation and currently a member of our membership committee has recently published a series of articles on how to become a contributor to the LibreOffice projects. Her blog posts do not cover the development side of the story, but they discuss an often less understood and perhaps less documented aspect of our community and contribution process. As I find myself sending her articles by email several times a week, I thought it would be just easier to list them and link them here for more convenience.

  1. Are you a contributor? A general overview on what you can contribute when you’re not a developer.
  2. Where can you get – and provide – user support ?
  3. How to contribute documentation to the LibreOffice project.
  4. Contribute to the marketing efforts : a long post that should be put in context with my own “Proceedings from the Marketing Strategy Workshop” .
  5. Contribute Design, artwork, and User Experience work.
  6. Join the QA (Quality Assurance) Team : Possible contributions to QA are not just welcome, you would not imagine the range of options you have if you want to contribute there.
  7. Join the Infrastructure team : The Document Foundation maintains and grows its  own infrastructure both for the project’s activity but also when it comes to downloads. In two years the infrastructure has become a project on its own. If you have the soul and temper of a sysadmin, read this page.
  8. Updated: Localization : all about the Localization processes and release-related work.
  9. Updated: Cross-communication: a general overview on specific cross-community communication channels

You will notice that these blog posts tend to go from the less technical (in theory) to the most technical. This is meant and it’s good pedagogy. Thank you Sophie for this invaluable series of articles!

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