Eyes & Ears – September Issue

Welcome to this month’s edition of Eyes and Ears. Today I would first like to tell you about a fantastic and delightful book I’ve started to read since three weeks now, and it’s a real page turner. What’s so special about it? Well, a few things make this book a rather unique one of its kind. To start with, it has been written six centuries ago, and it seems it manages to be just as funny, cheeky and entertaining as it was back then. The story itself started to be told in China ten centuries ago. It is the story of more or less random people, coming from all walks of life who all end up becoming outlaws for various reasons. It is the story of pretty much each of their lives, how they meet, separate, then meet again all across medieval China. There’s a lot of eating, drinking, fighting and quite funny situation. This book is one of the traditional classics of the Chinese litterature. Each chapter is divided in such a way that the tale may be told, so each chapter is like an episode, if you will. How could I make you want to read this book? At the risk of sounding a bit disrespectuous, imagine a mix of the three musketeers and a movie by Jackie Chan, with cascades of Tiger and Dragon. That’s what you get when reading what is called in English “Water Margin“, and I highly recommend it.

Let’s switch back to the music now with this band I’ve recently discovered, called “Counting Clouds”, and their nice and lofty electro-pop-ambient with strong balearic influence. Below is one of their track called “One in a Million”.

I cannot resist by picking out this preview of José Padilla’s next solo release, “Solito”:

What could be more consistent than listening to a mix from the Café del Mar just after José Padilla? Here is the mix issued in May 2014, just a few months ago.

That’s all for this month, I hope you will enjoy this issue as much as I did myself. Cheers!

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