Eyes & Ears – Anniversary Edition

Welcome to this month’s Eyes & Ears’s session. Would you believe it has been a year since I started these? Follow the music category on this blog to browse all the Eyes & Ears session since October 2013. Granted this blog is not really about music and books, but I do have a life aside Free Software and LibreOffice…

Let’s start this session with a track that is very special for me as it brings back memories of alternative parties and summers spent looking for rare tracks in Paris, Barcelona, Lisboa and London. The band is called the Mighty Strinth and it comes across as a new-jazz, drum’n’bass and ambient band, from the late nineties. At this point I may have already caught your attention. I’m not done though: the band relies only very little on actual eletronic arrangement, since most of it played by actual instrument, and the drummer must be one of the most talented one I’ve heard so far. It is rare enough to be able to enjoy one of their tracks online as there aren’t many of them.

Just when you thought we were done with the Chillout sessions of the Café del Mar, a new one got uploaded on SoundCloud  just a few days after I published the September edition of Eyes and Ears. For your enjoyment, here it is.

I recently discovered a wonderful artist called Julianna Barwick. Now, it seems I’m the last one to learn about her; her music is famous and I always passed aside her tracks. She has a beautiful voice and she records it in layers, so that it sounds like there’s a choir and not one singer only. The result is stunning. Below you can listen to one of her albums, The Magic Place.

Last but not least, I would like to remind my readers that this blog is hosted graciously by Daniel O, aka Daniel Memetic from Croatia. He is an accomplished DJ and Trace music composer. You can listen to one of its latest productions below.

Sonic Sentience 6: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Aerial Tribe on Mixcloud


The Eyes and Ears sessions will be back in November. Enjoy!

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