Eyes & Ears July session

Welcome to the Eyes and Ears’ session of July 2015! This month we are going to “pump up” the volume a bit – however we’ll still be listending at mostly chill-out tracks. You know, it’s Summer season and it’s good to get some drums going up!

Without much further ado let’s start with the latest chill-out mix from the Café del Mar released 2 days ago:

Next we have something that is quite interesting I think: a cover of Kraftwerk’s Tanzmusik by none other than John Beltran:

And because this is Summer, here’s the latest mix from Bruno (from Ibiza) in the collection of its Sunshine People mixes:

More beats as promised. And this time, it’s alternative rock time with New Politics’ West End Kids. Fun art cover, by the way:

You may not remember this, but I do really like the productions of Adam Young (aka Owl City among other aliases). The following is a cooperation with Hanson, and I find it quite charming as it feels quite as a reminiscence of some of things of my own childhood:

Enjoy this splendid Summer and see you in August!

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