A good week

It’s been a good and busy week so far, and it’s not over yet with FOSDEM starting in Brussels on Saturday. It started with something I’m quite excited about: I got elected at the Board of Silicon Sentier. Silicon Sentier is the Parisian hub of innovation, collaboration and start-up incubation. Among other initiatives, it runs La Cantine , one of the most famous co-working spaces in the world located in the heart of Paris and Le Camping, the Parisian start-up incubator located in the old stock-exchange building. I feel it’s a true honour , a mark of trust and I look foward to the future discussions and actions of the board with excitement.

But you see, the week is not even over that just before my departure to FOSDEM, we released Mandriva Corp’s new website. We think it rocks, it was fantastic team work and I learned so much during these two months of hard work from the people I’m working with. The website is powered by Mezzanine, a Django based CMS, it’s effective, fast, and does the job quite well. I hope you will like it too; for a company like Mandriva, this new web site is not just a nice and improved window fence; it’s a healthy sign of rebirth.

And now of course, I’m leaving for FOSDEM. Who said the end of January is depressing?

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