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Not a lot of people know that I’m a big fan of Balearic Music. What’s that? It’s electronic music with a certain state of mind; it’s usually categorized as Ambient/Chill Out, but there’s also House and more Trance-like music. The heart of this creative movement is based on Ibiza, but it has evolved over the years to become truly international. This being said, Ibiza is the beacon radiating a certain state of mind,  a certain pulse and magic that make Balearic music what it is: an enchanting trip into your Mediterranean self. To get yourself in the mood, just watch this video below first. I’ve then added some links of some artists I really like (not all of them are represented, think of it as a personal quick top list).

IbizaLights III from Jose A. Hervas on Vimeo.

  •  Café del Mar: you could say it’s the place where it all started at the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties. Contrary to popular belief, Balearic Music was not played and composed for tourists in a summer. It was a musical movement led by people living in Ibiza during the Winter.
  • Perhaps the biggest, if not the most emblematic DJ and composer of Balearic music is of course José Padilla. If you want to know what a genius DJ can sound like, I can only recommend the first four albums of the Café del Mar. His own production is also great, especially Souvenirs, Navigator, and specific rare tracks of his.
  • Another big, very big talent of the same stream but this time an actual composer, Nacho Sotomayor. Nothing’s light and fun wit him but rather profound, sensual and outlandish.
  • Somehow, this emblematic couple often does not appear in mixes of Balearic music. A Man Called Adam (Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones) has played dance music from the eighties till today. Their tracks are both at the base of the Balearic mood and dance classics from the eighties. Their albums are also a bit hard to find.
  • Lenny Ibizarre: a great name as well, fits more a Trance-like audience, although it created some of the most well-known Balearic Ambient songs ever written.
  • Nova Nova: well these two French guys are not too related with Ibiza location-wise, but their tracks are as sublime as they’re rare. If you can think of the perfect and strange balance between medieval music performed on traditional instruments, trance music and ambient, you should give it a try.
  • Cantoma: his real name is Phil Mison and he’s been using both his stage name and his real name for various productions. Clean, elegant, his beats let golden sparks of magic all around when it’s played. Phil was one of the main DJ behind another compilation, Real Ibiza, produced by the now defunct React Records for years which probably surpassed the famous Café del Mar Compilation after José Padilla left.
  • John Sa Trinxa: One of the most famous DJ from Ibiza, who produced extraordinary mixes and tracks from and about the island. His audience and style are actually very eclectic and you could find both very nice tunes as well as more mainstream tracks.
  • Last but not least: this blog is hosted and has been hosted for years by Daniel Memetic who’s actually a DJ and composer of electronic music; while not from Ibiza, his music captures a similar and energizing mood that flows very well with Balearic music. You should give it a try.

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