Eyes & Ears – November Edition

Welcome to this month’s edition of Eyes & Ears. This edition is a bit special, as it is somewhat in tune with the coming of Fall season. Expect less electronic beats, and more accoustic tracks. Let’s start right away with the new sampler from the Café del Mar’s “Dream Series”:

After this melancholic beginning, the latest release by Madeon will make sure you wake up a bit. It’s called Imperium and it will be a hit in the clubs for sure!

We’re now tuning down all this excitement for something… different. Alexei Murdoch is a pop singer I recently discovered – he was featured in the recent movie “This is where I leave you” and I really like some of his songs. This one, “Blue Mind”, really caught me.

Let’s wrap up this session with yet another unusual choice: Diana Krall. Her voice is beautiful, yet I would not really add her to my list of tracks… but her recent cover of California Dreamin’. Her musical work led to revisit the entire song while remaining, I think, faithful to the original intent of the composer.

I hope you will have enjoyed this month’s tracks. See you again in December!


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