Eyes and Ears – February Edition

Welcome to this edition of Eyes and Ears. The northern hemisphere has now entered its coldest time of the Winter Season and therefore we will both try to remain in theme while trying to dream and travel far away with music and a book. At the end of the session I have selected a song that will attempt to wake us up – you never know, it might be helpful.


This month I really only have one book, but it is a rather special one: The mystic Rose Garden by Sufi mystic Shabestari is a deep and exceptional poem written in Iran around the XVth century. It is deep, beautiful, accessible to every faith and even if you don’t have one, it is still a beautiful reading. At least I’m enjoying it very much. They say true enlightenment knows no boundaries; I tend to agree.


Let’s start with a nice title from John Beltran, “Snow Racer” just to get us back in the Winter mood:

… and move on with a mix from Basil O’Glue – a DJ I did not know- called “Momentum”:

The next audio track is a new mix from a rather unique collective called Aromabar. I’ve known Aromabar as a group of artists since about 2005 at least; they used to be part of the excellent Real Ibiza compilation from the famous yet defunct React record label. This mix is their Winter mix, and I really think you should listen to this beautiful Winter-flavored Balearic music.

You may remember Murya and this is their latest release, “Compact Soul”:

Now we’re moving away from Baleric islands and their inspiring bits to fly up to the North with some new cold-wave-electro track by Limits of Desire: “Free at Dawn”:

Last but not least I warned you at the beginning of this session that there would be something that would attemt to wake you up. One of the first questions we should ask ourselves when waking up is whether we are aready or not. And that’s exactly what this song is about!

Enjoy the rest of the month!


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