Eyes & Ears – March Edition

Welcome to this month’s edition of Eyes and Ears. This week we will be sticking to ambient tunes but we will also share the public preview of Chicane’s latest albums in order to raise our heartbeats and goosebumps just a tad. Without much further ado, here’s Chicane’s album preview:

  • Now here’s something that is unexpected but I had some real fun listening to it. It turns out that I like Suzanne Vega’s songs; I didn’t listen to her new album but there’s something about my childhood or early teen years that makes me really like her songs. The other day, I stumbled upon this surprising remix of Tom’s Diner, probably her most famous song. The interruption in the middle of the track is a bit annoying, but maybe it’ll give you the idea to purchase this rare track out of the Lounge Masters collective:

  • I recently discovered this artist, and I find him/her to be one of the most delicate ambient music composer around. You may find more about Halftribe’s music here, and below is the latest release; “Rebellious Nature”:

  • Very much in the footsteps of Halftribe comes Sine Rider, with a beautiful mix called ” Soundscapes”

I hope you have liked this month edition of Eyes & Ears – I’ll be back in April with more tracks. Until then… enjoy!

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