Eyes and Ears – April Edition

Welcome to this new edition of Eyes and Ears. Today we’ll start with two books – it’s been a long time I have not updated my reading list.


  • This book has been written by Laurent Liscia, current executive director of the OASIS Consortium (yes, the consortium where ODF is developed). But the book is not about digital standards; it is rather about science fiction, and good one at that. You can get “House of Women” as an e-book only on Amazon.
  • Data & Goliath is the kind of book that is poised to become a must read for anyone caring about digital society, cybersecurity, privacy and fundamental rights. I have not read the full book, only excerpts; but I do plan on reading it.


Let’s start this playlist slowly today with Halftribe’s latest track, Sribi Switi :

We’re continuing with Advanced Dreams (I have heard of this collective some time ago but never actually listened to their productions), a very slick, yet aerial deep house track, “Ritou”:

And we’re raising the bpm frequency, with some actual drum’n bass mix. This mix comes from the rather famous Kush sessions, and this one is their latest. Enjoy, rise and shine!

The last track of this Eyes and Ears session will bring you safely back to a quieter atmosphere, but we’ll do try to do this in style with Clemens Ruh and its track “Pandora”:

That’s all for this month – I hope you’ve enjoyed this month playlist. Stay tuned, we’re back next month with more tracks!

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