Eyes & Ears : Back from FOSDEM edition

I’m just back from FOSDEM and I just realized I had this session pretty much ready, even though it had not been published yet. Let’s just call it the “Back from FOSDEM” session of Eyes & Ears…

I have several good mixes today. Let’s start with this Silk Music mix by Johan Vilborg:

Here’s SineRider’s latest release: “In the Spring” available for the enjoyment of your ears:

Now, this track comes from a mexican, non professional ambient artist, Jonathan TS. We’re listing to “Lost in the Mountains”, which is a beautiful, very ambient production:

Last but not least, something completely different; I’ve noticed few people remember Emmanuel Top, one of the masters of French techno sounds. He is not as famous as Laurent Garnier although their inspirations and their career started around the same time. Emmanuel Top is still around, and his January mix takes us back to something that is more old school and rough:


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