Eyes & Ears – February 2016 Session

Welcome to this month’s Eyes and Ears session! Today we’ll be listening to some very nice chill out and electro tracks but we’ll also travel in the world of the folk and cabaret songs.

First, this is one of the latest mixes by Shingo Nakamura for the Silk Music label and as usual it is hard to find something more inspiring and delicate than Shingo’s mixes:

You’ve already listened to Richard Bass here but this is a brand new track “Breath” and it is not, to my knowledged, released in an album yet:

Another artist who works much on the same type of sound is Joe Lyons. I like a lot of what he does but to me his “Summer” track is probably his best release so far:

I had mentioned at the beginning of the session a short trip to the land of folk and cabaret music. This idea came to me yesterday as I was listening a program on a great French radio, France Musique (they have podcasts). The first song is not a really well known one. The singer used to be quite famous, Peggy Lee; the composer is Randy Newman and it’s called “Is that all there is?”. It was released in an eponymous album in 1969. It’s both a sad and yet rather enthralling song:

Next is really what many people call the Queen of Cabaret music. Her life is worth reading about too: Marlene Dietrich. Her Lili Marleen song has been a haunting melody to my ears for years, coming back and playing in my head, unsolicited and yet always pleasing. I thought I’d share it here too:

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