Eyes & Ears – Early Spring Session

Welcome to this Early Spring edition of the Eyes & Ears sessions, after a full month of silence. Let’s start right away with some nice house music remix by Lane 8 , who’s been featured some time ago in our sessions. This one is a track by Icarus.

Ibiza Sonica is a a rather longstanding ensembles of remixes by famous DJs, from José Padilla to Bruno, John Sa Trinxa and it was only logic for A Man called Adam to join to the fray. In fact that’s been the case with their latest mix, entirely performed by the collective of Other Records. It’s not everyday one can listen to the off voice of Sally Rogers, so this is a rather special mix (at least for me):

Let’s now move on to something trancier (yes, trancier, not fancier) with Miroslav Vrilk from the Silk music label. More specifically his “Walk with me” track is quite nice:

Our last track of this session will make you feel cosy, dreamy, and quieter. This isn’t ambient, balearic, house, trance… it comes from Argentina and it just sounds lovely: “buceando las estrellas” by Cipselas Al Viento:

Enjoy this season’s blossoming!


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