Eyes & Ears – Summer 2016 edition

Welcome to this edition of Eyes & Ears. It’s been a few months I had not published a new session. It was both a matter of time and mood, too many sad events all around. In happier news, yesterday (Friday the 5th of August), the Café del Mar released its 22nd release. I’ll go and grab it as soon as I can. Of course the Café del Mar releases compilation all year long, but they tend to be rather genre focused: jazz, house, classical, chillout… The Café del Mar main release is only released once a year and is always something of an event. Now without much further ado, here’s a nice track from Mageia and Soundslogic:

Next comes a beautiful remix by Airdeep, and artist I’m increasingly attracted to through the purity of its sounds and arrangements. The original track is by OneDivision and is titled “Behind the thoughts”:

As this is the Summer edition I thought we should stick to the theme and I’ve chosen one particular remix of one of my favorite electronic music composer, Chicane, to go with it. Apparently there have been a few new remixes of his classics recently, and this one is the famous “OffShore” revisited by Grum:

Let’s close now by a track by Axxound aptly named: “Train to Summer”. As it happens, we will take a train on Monday for the coast of Normandy for a much deserved vacation. See you in September!

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