Links for mid-December (But we still want the f$*..cking password!)

– “Microsoft denied on Friday antitrust claims from Opera Software that the software giant is abusing its dominant market position to lock users into the Internet Explorer Web browser.” I love this sentence. 

– It’s been a long time I haven’t talked about Some news: released the bug-fixing 2.3.1 recently. Grab it here.

– There will be an PDF Import feature in the coming versions. More details here, and some architectorial points there. No passwords needed, I swear.

Facebook  opens up. But to me, and to others, the most important issue that seemed to be completely forgotten is the perennity of the data (the social and personal data) around whose social networks, may they be powered by Facebook or by Open Social. Clearly it’s time to effectively implement the Charter on personal data, which will require some work on formats and their standardization.

Netherlands! choose! OpenDocument Format!  What?  Ah, I almost forgot: Send in the Microsoft lobbyists. (Which means this: these news are of course temporary. Expect flying Stevie to come back to Europe very soon).

And of course, don’t forget: it’s Christmas shopping time everyone!

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