Three reasons to feel outraged this week-end

Microsoft claims it was IBM who really screwed the whole OOXML standardization process. I beg to differ. Ars Aperta did most of the work! And it does not stop there. Ars Aperta is secretly in command of IBM (that’s the High Command Center against Microsoft and Everything American I have been mentioning here from time to time. And Google and all that? Muwarr Harrh Harrrrhhh…. Sbires of mine they are, young padawan! Thus you can imagine how outraged I’m feeling when I’m reading this display of blatant ignorance. It shall be corrected in the future!

As a retaliation, Microsoft is bidding for nothing smaller than Yahoo! Good thing the DOJ is “interested” in the case. Remember who’s the monopoly in the story?

Brilliant idea, Novell, just brilliant. You’re on your way to proprietary heaven, folks. Sincerely, who’s in charge of your marketing? “Migrating to Vista? We can help. Novell”. I realize you want to push your quite profitable ZenWorks solutions, but please, keep some decency. At least I know what to show to Miguel De Icaza the next time he’ll tell me about Free Software.

Enjoy your week-end!

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