Eyes & Ears – May Edition

Welcome to the May edition of Eyes & Ears! First let me apologize for the issues with the server that happened this week; a series of incidents happened but everything’s running back again, thanks to Daniel Memetic who’s been hosting this blog for quite a long number of years. Daniel also happens to be a great electronic music composer, but mostly releases under several names. Today we’ll have one of his latest creations. But let’s start right now with one of my favorite composers of the season, Halftribe. Today we are listening to Shashlik – odd name for the kind of atmosphere of the track, but still beautiful and majestuous:

Now as it turns out, Halftribe has a better collection of tracks and albums right on BandCamp that you will not find on SoundCloud; on top of this BandCamp allows you to donate to this artist.

I told you about the guy who sponsors this blog, and one of the names he goes by is Aerial Tribe. This is his newest, freshest track released. And what better name for a new track than… Arrival?

Here’s another artist I discovered; his productions are not overly famous but his tracks are delicately crafted. Just like with Aerial Tribe this is not Ambient or chill-out music; Aerial Tribe is trance, and this is more of a deep house / techno music style. Introducing Nigel Good to the Eyes & Ears sessions with his main playlist “Nothing out here”:

The big news of the week is that José Padilla is releasing his new solo album and it seems iTunes users can already grab it. For the rest of us non Apple fans or users, we’ll have to wait. I’ll get the album when its CD version is out (yes, I’m that old-fashioned!). However I thought that we could all be waiting by enjoying a rare moment from José Padilla. This is a mix of José Padilla at the Café del Mar in 1995 and it’s been put up on YouTube. It sounds amazing. Many classics are there, as well as some not so classics:

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next edition of Eyes & Ears!

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